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The start of the 2021 was a beacon of light and hope after the long corona winter. We wanted to brew everyone's favourite summer beer, a refreshing white, with some subtle twists. The addition of bergamot and lemon peels gives it a nice fruity twist, while the addition of black pepper spices it up and gives it the subtle spiciness it needs.

On top of that, we wanted to do more than just creating a good beer. We wanted to support artists and musicians among our friends, who had a tough time during the loooong lockdown. Besides, something that united us all, was the love for tasting and discovering new beer, and a will to try out some new things, other than what is usually done according to the Belgian traditions.

This is how BPM Kollektiv and our first brew Bekass were born. Sit back, pop open your Bekass, and enjoy newly discovered artists.

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Simon de Crane

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Bpm kollektiv

Bpm kollektiv

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